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Why I Love Selling Cars

Actually I love people buying...

I mean actually selling.
You know,

Once a customer has said Yes, 😬

And especially if they have said NO
multiple times earlier in this transaction.

It’s truly a rush getting them to say YES.


Happy Toyota of Riverside Customers


And it’s NOT about me selling them,
actually it’s about me solving their problem.

It’s almost like math…🤔

If I can find a solution that works for them
I’ll have a deal!

And that’s what excites me.

It’s that challenge of trying to solve their problem until I find the right solution.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m always selling them on why they should buy from me, and why they should do it now.

The one thing I understand is…

IF the solution I present to them will actually SOLVE their problem, they will buy from me.

Now I will have a win/win.

They get the exact vehicle they want
and I get to sell a car! 🤝

Just wanted to share this thought
Now go enjoy your Saturday 🍺🙏🏾


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