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Toyota Mirai FCV

Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Vehicle

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell

The future of transportation is here, say hello to the Toyota Mirai.  You can find it at Toyota of Riverside (ask for Cedric of course).  So What makes this vehicle different than anything you’ve seen thus far?  For starters, this vehicle doesn’t run on gasoline.  It doesn’t run on electricity either.  And not it’s not a hybrid.  This vehicle runs on hydrogen and has zero emissions.  In fact, the only waste this car produces is water.  With Toyota Mirai, you get next generation mobility plus an advanced technology fuel cell powertrain.  Pretty Incredible, right?!

Toyota Mirai FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) Explained on YouTube

Not only that but the Mirai also has premium features as well like the following:

  • Aerodynamic styling.
  • Heated outside mirrors that fold in.
  • Touch sensor door handles that unlock & lock.
  • 17″ Alloy wheels
  • Air intakes to guide [...]
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