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Sending Thank You & Birthday Cards

Show appreciation for my customers

Here is me documenting myself sending thank you cards to my customers to show them I truly appreciate their business.

I also send Happy Birthday cards as well.
I do this in an effort to grow my business and to try and build some customer loyalty.

I’ve only been here at Toyota of Riverside now for 4 months and I am planning to retire from the dealership…

So I am hoping to build a big customer based and retire from here in about 25 years. I want to get to the 40 cars a month range and sending thank you cards and birthday cars is a monumental step to getting closer to this target.

I enjoy being a car salesman overall and I love Toyota of Riverside. Growing up in Riverside, California I have seen a lot of opportunities and I believe this is the best opportunity to reach my goal as Cedric Jackson.

Thanks for reading and please let me know how I can be of service to you.

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