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You Can’t Make Every Deal

My Daily Snaps - Day 2

Yesterday was an extremely hot day, 105 degrees in Riverside.

We had limited traffic as I watched pool parties, beach adventure, and festivals happen on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

(and look like a lot of fun)

I had some really good opportunities to sell a car today. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. With a handful of test drives and purchase price proposals but still no deal.

Even one deal we shook hands and sent to finance to do paperwork had a family emergency to arise. So naturally this event put the deal on hold for now and we will need to see what happens in the future.

All and all I am grateful to be a member of the team at Toyota of Riverside and to have the ability to sell cars and serve the local community of Riverside CA.

I think today will be a much better day 😁✌🏿

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